2014 in review


2014 marked the start of an entirely new phase in our lives, where we added parenthood to the CV of Life. To tell that story, we first have to go back to February of 2014, when we took a short getaway to Margaret River in Australia.

It was a wonderful, stress-free, thoroughly enjoyable vacation where we ate, drank and generally had lots of idle time to explore the wonderful sights and sounds Margaret River had to offer. You could say it was a farmtastic stay.

Our accommodation of choice was this lovely little farm called Margaret River Hideaway, where we had a cosy little cottage all to ourselves. With Margaret River town just 3km away, driving to and from the farm was a cinch!

Some pictures from the trip:

01-farm arrival



The. Best. Meal. Ever.


05-wines wines wines



Little did we know, that when we came back from Margaret River, we would bring back more than bellies full of wine! We got pregnant!

Never been happier to hold up a stick of pee

Never been happier to hold up a stick of pee

We're pregnant!

Do I look fat in these?

Since then, it’s been a roller coaster ride of gynae visits, freaking out over our pending parenthood, gushing over our pending parenthood, and watching as many movies as we could before he popped.

Then came the day, 28 Oct 2014.

08-Oli is born

Seeing him for the first time in the flesh was just the most amazing moment. And although it’s only been 10 weeks, his every movement and growth over this short period of time is nothing short of mesmerising to watch and be a part of.

New dads to be: Be as involved and as helpful as you can be, both for yourself and your wife. Feeding, bathing, diaper changing, cooing, rocking him to sleep… you don’t wanna miss out on any of these moments.

09-Oli weeks 1 to 5

So we’re now a trio! And I can’t wait to do more as a trio!

3's not a crowd la!

3’s not a crowd la!

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Happy Father’s Day!


I celebrated Father’s Day on the 28th October, 2014, as we welcomed our little bundle of joy, Oliver, into this world.

Even penning this down, two weeks into parenthood, I’m still awed with a flood of emotions, ranging from elation, bliss, fear of being responsible for an entire human being, pride, and of course relief at discovering that hey, I too can wrap a mean swaddle.

Exhibit A - A Mean Swaddle

Exhibit A – A Mean Swaddle

It’s a whole new phase involving lots of sleepless nights, tired bodies, and yet, it’s something that enriches me more than anything I’ve done till date. Watching his every emotion and facial expression as he sleeps, is more exciting than X-Men: Days of Future Past!

Feeding him, changing his nappies (incidentally, this naughty boy constantly poops when we are changing him), and then patting him to sleep has become a routine, and even though it’s been less than two weeks, I feel myself improving exponentially and getting much better at handling him. It’s like I’m living Edge of Tomorrow, PG version.
Feed. Sleep. Repeat

It’s been a thoroughly exciting ride so far, and we’re only two weeks in! Stay tuned for more updates!

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