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National Reading Day is upon us, so naturally, we rounded up the gang to do some light reading.

Don’t be alarmed, but a tiger is coming!

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Pattern more than badminton


If you’re Singaporean or residing in Singapore, you need no introduction to the ongoing saga.

Basically, LHY and LWL are claiming abuse of power. LHL is claiming LKY’s last Will to be hastily prepared, and that LKY may not have been fully informed of everything that was in the Will.

According to LHL, LWL was initially skeptical of LHY’s motives regarding 38 Oxley Road, but they now appear to be on the same side, slamming LHL for attempting to block them from executing instructions in the Will to demolish 38 Oxley.

Emails are being published. Fingers are being pointed. Publishable portions of the Will are published.

And we, as a nation collectively, are doing this:

At this point, a lot of it is still he said, they said. But it sure is developing faster than George R.R Martin can kill off characters!

And like a good episode of LOST, more questions than answers are being provided right now.


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No treadmill required


Sometimes, a little creativity is required to get that boy to exercise.

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3’s a crowd but 4’s a hoot


So I haven’t really updated much since the arrival of Jubes, so here’s a little peek at what we’ve been up to as a foursome.

Needless to say, it’s been tiring, frustrating, endless clearing of shit, sleepless nights, and thoroughly rewarding.

To anyone still on the sidelines about having kids, jump in, I say. You’ll love it.

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Oli loves to dance


A lot.

As evidenced by this.

I hope he always finds the simple joys in life, and never stops dancing.

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Happy Father’s Day Part II: One more Tan


Julian Tan was introduced to the world on 13 Jan 2017, our second little bundle of joy, and yes, it took me more than 2 months to document this, because it’s been a crazy 2 months!!


And we’re quite glad to report that big brother Oliver is taking to the new addition pretty well!

Stay tuned for more adventures of the brothers Tan!

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Singapore’s next Presidential Election 2017



So recently, it’s been made known, that Singapore’s next President shall be Malay. Before this election, nobody’s actually raised the issue of race representation in the Presidency (which is a symbolic one anyway, and one that does not wield any power).

Interestingly, the internet was actually talking about who the next Prime Minister might be, and the people’s choice seemed to be DPM Tharman. In fact, it made so much noise that he had to come out and rule himself out of the PM race.

Then out of nowhere, this race representation in the Presidency came up, and conveniently swept the important debate (the Prime Minister position) under the rug.

CNA then came up with this article: Singapore’s next President: A look at potential candidates.

A Dr Norshahril Saat, Fellow, ISEAS Yusof Ishak Institute said the following:

The purpose of having a President is not as a check and balance to Parliament. So I think one issue that the candidates should avoid is to act as if they can check the Government. They can’t because they’re largely symbolic even though they have custodial powers.

That makes sense. We all know the President’s role, in terms of affecting government, as largely non-existent.

He then follows that up (in the same article!) with this:

You must ensure that every vote counts. You must ensure that citizens feel that their vote counts. Candidates must come out very strongly and tell voters that they’re voting for the future of Singapore.

So, just to recap: You’re asking us to vote for someone, acknowledging that he will have no real power, to sit in a role full of symbolism and pay him S$1.54m a year.

You then say that they should then try convincing us that we’re actually voting for the future of Singapore?

That’s like asking us to vote for a Survivor winner without seeing them jump through hoops to earn it, and spinning the most bullshit story on why they deserve it.

Sure, looking forward.


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