POSB updates the Great Singapore Workout


The Great Singapore Workout was launched in 1993 to the tune of 26,000 people working it out at the Padang, even earning a spot in the Guiness book of Records for the largest mass aerobic session held at one location.

We may have forgotten some of the moves, but no matter. POSB has chipped in to revamp the workout, incorporating moves we’ve been inadvertently practising for years.

When you have moves like “The Prata Flip”, “The Teh Tarik”, “The MRT Squeeze” and “The Bus Balance”, you can’t help but think “hey, I can totally do this!”

Even if you’re not the Teh Tarik man, you’ll be familiar with The Selfie Snap.

Here’s a few more moves I’ll recommend:

1) Lim Kopi

2) The EZ Link Tap

3) The Tissue Chope

See the full video below


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