Pursuit of Happyness


Tomorrow (20th March) is the International Day of Happiness. (Yes, there’s actually a day to remind ourselves to be happy. Says alot about how unhappy we are, right?)

Happiness, means different things to different people. Also, at different phases in our lives, our definition of happiness would also ebb and flow. As a child, happiness could simply mean seeing your parents come back from work to spend playtime with you. Or perhaps an ice-cream could have done the trick too.

As we grow up, attaining happiness becomes a lot more complicated. For some, dating, or being recognised as someone of value would bring you happiness. For others, a more materialistic pursuit such as a fancy car, property, or success in the corporate ladder. For yet others, it’s bringing up a family.

To say that happiness is a fuzzy concept is an understatement. No matter what brings you happiness, I hope you find them. After all, reports suggest that happy people live longer lives, with increased longevity of between 7.5 to 10 years.

What defines your happiness?

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