We are our own hostile aliens


From films like Independence Day, Battle: LA, War of the Worlds, and even Signs, alien beings have been scheming and traveling light years to our little planet for our precious land and resources.

I’m not sure where they’ve seen the flyers for Earth, but upon arriving, they must have been in for a big shock. If they were expecting lush greenery, unspoilt pristine beaches, bounding deers in forestlands, well, they’ve come to the wrong planet.

Instead, what they get is this:

River Pollution

SG Haze

If we haze up the planet enough, the aliens may miss us!


Well, actually, as I’m typing this, I’ve come to understand what we, collectively as humans, are doing. In contributing to pollution, adding to congestion, dirtying our seas, killing our flora and fauna, we’re actually saving our home.

We’re fucking up our planet, so aliens wouldn’t want to conquer this little globe we call home.

Now I understand.

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