Before we get to the Internet of Things


Talking about the internet of things always makes me excited, but afraid at the same time. The possibilities it brings to make our lives better are endless, yet at the same time, those wearing black hats will always find a way to hack through things. So as devices start coming alive in our homes, it also means there are more potential loopholes and vulnerabilities people can leverage to “hack” into our homes.

But that’s for another post.

For today, let’s talk about wearables. As of today, there are 127 wearable devices out there in the market. They range from Heads Up Displays like Google Glass, to fitness tracking bands like fitbit and smartwatches like Pebble, with use-cases ranging from fitness to utilities to medical and lifestyle.

ALL of these wearables run on batteries and hence require charging. So imagine today when you get home, you’ll need to charge your laptop, tablet, mobile, glasses, wristband and watch. That’s just today. What about in 2020, when there will be an estimated 30 billion devices connected to the Internet of Things?

Before we get settled in the internet of everything, we’ll first need a charger for anything. I think this provides a really great opportunity for wireless charging pads to really get off the ground in terms of demand. I know I’ll be wanting one.

wireless charging

I will boldly proclaim that in line with innovation bringing about the internet of things, we will finally see the death of cables.


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