Party like a time traveler


If you are a time traveler and loves to meet celebrities celebrity, here’s a special invite for you: Go back in time to 2009.

Yes, Theoretical Physicist, Cosmologist and Author Stephen Hawking would love to host you.

You read that right. He hosted a party for time travelers in 2009, and only sent out the invites in 2011. He figured that wouldn’t have been an issue for time travelers. So far, no one’s turned up. Yet.

Below’s the invite and a video for the party. Go make his day.

Party for Time Travelers

Ooooh wait, here’s a joke!

What did one time traveler say to the other about missing Stephen Hawking’s party?

“Don’t worry mate, we’ll be back in time.”

Searching the internet for evidence of time travelers

Speaking of time travel, Robert Nemiroff and Teresa Wilson from Michigan Technological University recently went on a search of the internet for possible traces of time traveling, left either by accident or on purpose.

Interesting read, although nothing was found.

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