The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug



Aw man, give those poor dwarves a break!

They are an industrious bunch of people. Nice, a little rowdy when drunk, but come on, who isn’t? They have excellent craftsmanship, and yet, they seem to be despised wherever they go.

Where we last left the dwarves, they were dropped off by the eagle express, albeit a little too far from Lonely Mountain. From there, they are (still) chased by the Orcs, captured by the elves, bullied by a Beorn, attacked by giant spiders, dumped in fish barrels, and mocked by the very dragon that rendered them homeless in the first place!

Give those poor sods a little respect. Afterall, let’s not forget that they are potentially the owners of a gold-laden mountain, once they find a way to rid themselves of that haughty Smaug.

This year, the sequels all seem to have managed to shrug off the negatives of their predecessor, and manage to tell better stories while providing tighter action set pieces.

Evangeline Lily

Plus, hot female elf alert!!

Rating: 8/10

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