A desperate cry for help


In the single most obvious cry for help the Prime Minister has given, since taking a 36% paycut in 2012 in order to try and experience the “poor but contented” lifestyle many tv serials have portrayed, he has almost all but thrown in the kitchen sink in an attempt to voice out his general unhappiness.

By slowly but surely increasing his online activities via his facebook page, and then slyly slipping in a statement during a forum on friday evening, he has finally revealed the vulnerable, unhappy side of him.

In his most honest and candid statement yet, he said simply, but with gravitas “Satisfied people don’t have time to go onto the internet. Unhappy people often go there.”

not happy

Top things to do when in the internet: Sulk, Be unhappy, Feel unsatisfied. – Tripadvisor

Dear PM, as your loyal and unwavering citizens, we are all deeply concerned about your wellbeing. We are only human, as can be shown with the recent unhappiness portrayed by Nicole Seah, also professed on the internet, thereby proving your theory right.

We implore you to seek treatment, or at least talk to someone. There is no shame in that.┬áPlease call 1800 – 221 – 4444. The Samaritans of Singapore is always open for you, or anyone seeking help.


look at the muscles on that unhappy face!

Another MP of concern is Mr. Baey Yam Keng. Although he hasn’t outrightly stated that unhappy people often go onto the internet, he is of the same party. And we know all about toeing party lines. So by the internet’s count, he has been unhappy at least 623 times on this thing called Instagram, which is conveniently located on the internet.

Governing Singapore is a tough, tough job. Please take it easy. Let us know if it’s too much for you. We’ll know what to do.

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