Virgin makes airline safety videos cool again


When it comes to flying, watching the airline safety video is similar to taking a poop mid-flight; we try not to.

Because it’s boring, it tells you the same thing every time in that same monotone, and doesn’t tell us anything new that we don’t already know.

Still, it’s airline regulation, and so, it has to be shown to us on every flight before take-off.

This one though, is different. Watch.

If you think the production value is extremely high, well, it is directed by Jon M Chu, the director behind Step Up 2, Step Up 3, and G.I. Joe: Retaliation.

Plus, there’s that robot dance guy Madd Chadd as well, complete with a mid-song rap.

Virgin America fans like me choose this airline because it has a really unique and fun flying experience, so I wanted to make sure this video lived up to that promise and pushed the envelope.- Jon M. Chu

Wait a second, is that Jon Chu himself on the extreme left in the robot segment?

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