What does the fox say?


Two guys were wondering out loud what noises a fox makes.

They put pen to paper, and wrote a song, and even a video out of it. Sure, it was mostly made in jest, but it sure piqued a hell of a lot of curiosity. Evidently, many other people were wondering about the noises a fox makes as well. To the tune of 100,000,000 video views in just over a month!

That’s crazy yo!

And if you think this song is going to be even more popular than Gangnam Style, you’re probably right. It took this song fewer days to get to 100 million views than Gangnam Style did.

So forget prancing around riding an imaginary horse, and instead listen to the possible sounds a fox might make.

Wait, does an elephant really toot?

Oh wait, again, it seems like the main question has just been answered:

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