LG’s end of the world prank


You appear for an interview. The interviewer’s room is decked out with a minimal fuss, but you notice a nice window right behind him, with an awesome view of the city.

You make some small talk. You start getting into your work history and giving him the lay of the land.

Suddenly, you notice the sky turn a dark maroon.

Wait, what’s that thing careening toward the city. Is it… can it be? A freaking huge meteor?

You’re paralyzed with fear, but can’t help watching that thing of high definition beauty flying relentlessly to what must be your last few living moments.

You see it impact the city. The plume of dust rises. The ripple of devastation spreading out to your very building tower. You scream and think of your family, and hope it ends fast for you and your loved ones.

Boom! You’ve just been Punk’d! LG, promoting their 84″ ultra HD TV, decided the best way to show off their tv, is to give you an end of the world scare.

A little cruel prank on these interviewees, but I guess they got their point across. And then some.

The next time I see a meteor crashing to Earth, I guess I’ll just laugh and ask where the camera is.


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