Paisley Abbey Alien Gargoyle


Paisley Abbey, a Scottish monastery, has an extremely rich history. Built in the 1300s, it is currently the burial place of all six High Stewards of Scotland. It is still used for worship services every Sunday.

Walking along the magnificent building, one can’t help but admire the craftsmanship. As you look up to the windows and scrutinize the individual gargoyles adorning the roof, you detect a flicker of recognition.

Wait, is that… can it be?

paisley abbey alien

Ridley Scott’s Alien??? What the? You rub your eyes and take a closer look. You zoom in with your camera lens, and yes, it’s unmistakably the xenomorph!

paisley abbey alien

How did that happen??

Relax, aliens aren’t real (at least not the xenomorph that we know and fear so dearly). Most of the original gargoyles had been severely worn off, and there was a huge reconstruction effort in the early 1990s to refurbish the gargoyles.

“I think it was the stonemason having a bit of fun” said Reverend Birss of the refurbishment works.

So that’s either the truth, or they know something we don’t.

Image credit: Daily Mail

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