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Lately, I’ve been watching a number of TVB series on Channel U and cable. And I’ve noticed that a lot of series have reprised actors. It’s like they’ve run out of actors and actresses to cast.

Some series, like Heart of Greed and its spiritual sequel (WTF is that??), are essentially 2 different storylines with 2 different sets of characters, but with a 95% rate of returning cast.

But that’s also allowed me to eye and have more air time with some of the leading ladies I find quite pretty.

In no particular order:

Linda Chung

linda chung

I’ve now seen her in Heart of Greed, Moonlight Resonance and L’Escargot. In all those roles, she likes to cry a lot (maybe that’s like, in her contract or something). She looks very pretty at first glance, but doesn’t seem to have that X factor to hold your gaze for long.

Myolie Wu

myolie wu

I saw her in 2011’s Ghetto Justice alongside Kevin Cheng. Oh. So. Cute.

Kate Tsui

Kate Tsui

Kate appears in Moonlight Resonance and Forensic Heroes III. She comes across as spunky, with a very unique look and sexy, pouty lips (my wife’s words, not mine). Wife-approved!

Aimee Chan

Aimee Chan

A supporting role in Forensic Heroes III, but she played her role with conviction, and she looks really cute in that spunky hairdo and those barbie doll eyes. She was also Miss Hong Kong 2006.

Joyce Tang

joyce tang

A little older, and both roles I’ve seen her in, she plays a married woman. She brings such strength to her characters, it’s hard not to feel for her.

So there, some hot ladies of TVB serials that I’ve noticed recently. They make trying to figure out cantonese that much more tolerable.

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