Seems like anyone is a better batman than Ben Affleck


I think we can safely say that we all know Ben Affleck is a better director than actor. Maybe even Ben knows it, and secretly likes it. Afterall, directors are generally held in higher regard than actors, much like fashion designers are the brains behind the models’ poses.

After Warner Brother’s decision to cast Affleck as the new Batman in the Superman vs Batman mashup, the internet has gone wild in its protest, and an interesting hashtag #BetterBatmanThanBenAffleck popped up, with suggestions on who will be a better batman casting choice.

Naturally, being the internet, it was full of shit. But like a good shit, you do feel better after dispensing it.

So here are some gems from that hashtag.

Even Lexus joined in the fray with their very own potshot. Unfortunately, their social media team forgot about the fact that Ben Affleck owns a Lexus. That tweet was quickly removed. But it had already been retweeted and (of course) screengrabbed for posterity.

Lexus is a better batman than ben affleck

Boom! Endorsement deal gone!

So, if Ben Affleck is not a good Batman for you, who do you think it should be?

Actually, I think he’ll be a decent Batman. They just have to design a full face batmask, and not have Bruce Wayne appear at all?

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