Soylent is not people, we hope


In the 1973 film ‘Soylent Green’, the year was 2022, and the world was suffering from overpopulation and a lack of resources, especially food. Most of the population was surviving on synthetic food produced by Soylent Corporation, whose latest product ‘Soylent Green’ purportedly contains high energy plankton, nutritious but in short supply.

In the end, it was revealed that Soylent Green was made from people, presumably the homeless, derelict, and on some occasions, enemies of the corporation.


Fastforward to today, reality

Software engineer Rob Rhinehart has created ‘Soylent‘, a low cost alternative to traditional food, and that’s intended to supply all the daily nutrients that an average human body needs. In fact, Rob says he has been subsisting on Soylent, as 90% of his meals, for a few months now, all the while tweaking the formula for both taste and optimum nutrients.

Rob claims that he has lost weight, while feeling more energized while on the diet.

A crowdfunding campaign has already garnered $1m worth of orders, so it seems like people are taking to it quite readily. In fact, the ease of preparation, and ability to keep for long kind of makes it a perfect concoction for doomsday stockpiles.

Rob’s also constantly finding new ways to try and bring the cost down, acknowledging that its not exactly cheap cheap now.

What do you think? Will Soylent be the answer to world hunger? Would you give it a go, and stockpile 3 – 6 months worth of Soylent, just in case?

Does it really not contain humans?

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