Bali, the land of sunsets


Bali Plane

We were at Bali over the weekend to celebrate my father in law’s 70th birthday. I’ve been to Bali before, but that was a long, long time ago. So this trip is almost as good as new.

As it was a family trip, with both young and old, it was 4 days of total rest & relax, itinerary wise. We also spent a huge amount of time trying to find a villa big enough to house all 10 of us. Finally, it was found in Bali Dream Villa, in Seminyak. A four-bedroom villa, with its own private pool to relax and bond with family. Nothing more we could have asked for, is there?

Bali Dream Villa, Seminyak

Bali Dream Villa, Seminyak

Bali Dream Villa, Seminyak

Besides taking dips in the pool and lounging around in the villa, we also did some exploring.

Monkeying around was the first order of business, as we went to the sacred monkey forest in Ubud. Tourists are allowed to buy bananas to feed the monkeys. If you’re lucky, they may even feast atop your shoulders!

Bali Monkey Forest

Bali is well known for their arts and culture. So of course we had to take a pit-stop at an oil painting gallery. I use the word “gallery” loosely, as its more houses upon houses of exquisite oil paintings.

Bali Oil Painting

We even shed our inhibitions and shit, to take a whiff of world renowned Kopi Luwak, better known as Catpoocino. To be honest, I prefer my Nescafe 3 in 1. Besides, according to Wikipedia, most Kopi Luwak available for sale are counterfeit, as there are 50 times more kopi luwak sold, than is produced.

Bali Kopi Luwak

Intensive farming of the Kopi Luwak beans has also made the selection process invalid, creating inferior quality coffee beans, as opposed to those collected in the wild.

Finally, the sunsets. No words can describe the beauty of sunsets, so I’d rather show than tell.

Bali Sunset

Bali Sunset

Bali Sunset

Bali Sunset

Ahhh… lovely.

Oh, if you’re ever visiting Bali, and require transport/guide for the day to visit various attractions, may I suggest Mr.Bali. Great price, super responsive and friendly, we couldn’t ask for a better driver/guide/friend to bring us around in Bali.

Mr Bali Tours

Thank you Mr. Gustu!

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