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RED 2 is really fun.

If you’ve seen RED, you’ll need no introduction to the main cast of Bruce Willis, John Malkovich and Helen Mirren as former black ops agents disrupted out of retirement in the last installment for a lesson on how being older doesn’t necessarily make you less of a badass.

Think The Expendables, but funny. And good.

In RED 2, we waste no time on introductions and within 8 minutes of run time, we’d have witnessed an explosion, a funeral, an interrogation and the decimation of a crack team of CIA agents. In a fun and light-hearted way of course.

The sequel adds Anthony Hopkins, Catherine Zeta Jones and Korean eye candy Lee Byung Hun on top of the main cast, and piles on the action. Although entertaining, it does feel a little too long at times as they team travel the world in search of a new, portable nuclear bomb capable of escaping detection while under fire from all directions by all sorts of frenemies.

It’s one of those films where you’d imagine the cast having a ball of a time together, fooling around, having fun, then collecting their paycheques, like I imagine the Oceans franchise to be.


Rating: 6/10

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