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We all know about reddit and its tight community of people all over the world and walks of life, coming to discuss, create and generally, do stuff together.

As with any other platform, you can see it as a weapon. By itself, it’s just a tool. It can be used for good, and sometimes, it can be used to bad effect. Other times, you just have to sit back and go “whoa, that was cool”.

This is one such example:

Two redditors, unknown to each other, both took pictures of the same bolt of lightning from different places.

The top picture was taken by reddit user chordnine from Coors Field stadium of the Colorado Rockies.

This second picture was taken by reddit user Bobo1010 from Cherokee Station, a coal power plant.

credit: reddit user Bobo1010

credit: reddit user Bobo1010

This coincidence and finding of each other would have been awesome in itself. But reddit wasn’t done. Someone suggested that “technically, we should now be able to 3d model this lightning.”

Lo and behold, someone (reddit user cr42yr1ch)¬†who knows a bit of 3d modelling stood up and said “challenge accepted”, and this is the result:

credit: reddit user cr42yr1ch

credit: reddit user cr42yr1ch

For more details on how he modeled it, go to his site.

Now, all that’s left is to go to the actual landing site of the lightning bolt, and see if we can find the Mjolnir.

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