Is blackberry too late to the casual gaming game?


Blackberry’s often differentiated themselves and marketed themselves as a trusted phone for the power suits, businessmen and government officials. Hell, even the POTUS uses a blackberry (and still does).

Who has time to play games when they’re wheeling and dealing and making multi-billion dollar decisions on a daily basis? All they need is a solid email workhorse.

And that stance has seen them lose market share quicker than celebrities tweeting a rogue nipple.

Casual gaming does not seem to be a fad, and is in fact growing from quarter to quarter, despite Zynga’s falling share price. So its no surprise then that Blackberry is starting to woo game developers with Blackberry 10. Afterall, its do-or-die time.

So Game Developers, if you think Blackberry still has a chance to jump back into the mobile game, you may want to check this out and give it a spin.

If this takes off, the next time you see President Obama hunched over and furiously swiping his phone, its either very bad news regarding North Korea, or he’s in a very bad situation getting his plants to stage an effective defense against zombies.

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