Major Sinkholes in 2013


Sinkholes are appearing at an alarming rate around the world, and rapid urbanisation must take some of the blame for it.

Here are some notable instances just in 2013 alone.

Sinkhole swallows golfer in Illinois golf course, 12 March 2013

Golfer Mark Mihal was having a fine day with his golfing buddies, when the ground suddenly opened up under him on his 14th hole. He fell 18 feet deep into the hole, but thankfully survived. He was stranded for about 20 minutes before friends managed to pull him out with a rope.

He was extremely lucky, because to get out of this alive, because just a cuple of weeks earlier,

Sinkhole in Florida swallows man sleeping in bedroom, 28 Feb 2013


Jeff Bush, 36, was in his bedroom when the entire floor gave way, and swallowed his bed, along with himself into the ground. He managed to call for help, but his brother Jeremy, could do little to help.

The sinkhole quickly grew in depth of up to 100 ft.

Rescue efforts were hampered as the grounds were considered highly unstable. Jeff has been presumed dead since 3 March, and rescue efforts called off.

Sinkhole swallows security guard in ShenZhen, 27 March 2013


Dramatic video footage captured a giant sinkhole opening up and swallowing up a 25 year old Security Guard. He was eventually rescued, but succumbed to serious injuries sustained in the fall.

Giant sinkhole takes in entire buildings in GuangZhou, 29 Jan 2013

guangzhou sinkhole

A giant hole opened up in GuangZhou and swallowed 3 buildings. Amazingly, no casualties were announced.

Sinkhole along Keppel road tries to swallow a car, 30 Jan 2013

singapore sinkhole

Closer to home, a man-made sinkhole, created when a water-pipe burst, along Keppel road attempted to swallow a car. Earlier this month, another sinkhole appeared in Woodlands, where excavation works ruptured an underground water pipe, creating a massive sinkhole.

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