A good day to die hard



Over the years, as John McClane aged, he seemed to have gained an aura of invincibility. Perhaps his injuries over the years and 4 die hard films have somehow thickened his skin, and hardened his bones.

His injuries seem to be receding with each film, and with “A good day to die hard’, he barely sustains 2 scratches while crashing through multiple glass windows, car chases and jumping off helicopters. Did they spend all of their budget on explosions, and forgot to keep the make-up artist on payroll?

In make up for the generic action sequences, director John Moore switches the locale to Russia this time, where John travels to rescue his son Jack, who’s charged with an assassination (But he’s really an undercover CIA).

Together, the McClanes tackle Russian mafia and diplomats, while trying to mend their broken relationship. However, while they manage to smooth things over an explosion or two, the film lumbers and bores and never really manages anything beyond 2nd gear.

The franchise is getting as old as Bruce Willis. Perhaps it’s time for JJ Abrams to take over the franchise.

Rating: 4/10 

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