Richard Lee McNair – Prison Escape Extraordinaire


We watch the TV series Prison Break and we think to ourselves “WHHHHAAAT. This will never happen in real life!”

It’s true. In real life, its much simpler.

Take Richard Lee McNair.

A convicted murderer in 1987 during a botched robbery, he would later escape from 3 different prisons at 3 different times, using 3 different tactics.

Escape #1

He used lip balm to grease his way out of handcuffs, and ran off.

Escape #2

Crawling out of a ventilation duct.

But this is where it got infinitely more interesting, bringing us to

Escape #3

In his third prison in Louisiana, his duties in prison included working in the mailroom, repairing torn, old mailbags. One day, while he was sorting through the mailbags, he very conveniently hid in one and buried himself within a pallet under some mailbags, and promptly mailed himself out of prison!

The pallet was shrink-wrapped and forklifted into a warehouse just outside the prison fence.

He was free!


Well, not quite. It was right next to the prison, and someone was bound to find out about him being missing sooner or later. So he had to get out of there pronto.

Hours after his escape, he was jogging along a railway track when he came upon Police Officer Carl Bordelon. He had no identification on him, and gave the officer 2 different names each time he was asked, the officer had a call about a missing convict, and yet he managed to convince the officer that he was merely jogging and was in town to help on a roofing project.

Its something we had to see to believe. Luckily for us, there IS video.

I don’t wanna say the officer is stupid (even though he is) because that just takes away all the credit from Richard Lee for being so calm and collected during the entire exchange.

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