Girl talk makes girls more depressed


Girls like to talk about their issues. Whether its with other girls, or actually, just anyone willing to listen probably.

But a study shows that girls who like to talk through their issues, actually have a higher propensity towards depression and stress.

A possible theory is that as they talk about their issues, the time spentĀ focusedĀ on their problems increase, which makes the problem seem worse than they really are, or at the very least, consume a lot more of their time than it should.

This is especially true for problems they can’t control.

Amanda Rose, the associate professor who conducted the study, also suggested that they engage in other activities such as sports, to take their minds off the problem (See, guys have long since figured it out!)

So there, the next time your wife or girlfriend wants to confide in you, RUN, and make her chase after you.

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