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People reading this blog will know I have a weakness for zombie films, and the [REC] series represent the apec of that weakness.

REC 1 and 2 were amazing, and while REC3 doesn’t really add much to the storyline, it does show us that the shit is going down, and its not just isolated in that one apartment building in Barcelona.

REC3 starts off with a wedding between Koldo and Clara, with the by-now familiar hand-held camera view alternating between amateur cameraman Adrian (Koldo’s cousin) and wedding videographer Atun’s lenses. We’re told early on that Adrian’s uncle was bitten by a rabid dog (alarm bells anyone?), but that he will be alright, and the wedding party starts in earnest.

REC3: Genesis

Woohoo! Together 4Ever!

But we’re all just waiting for the shit to hit the fan, which happens close to 20 minutes in, when the title card finally appears. All hell breaks loose, and the newly married couple gets separated in the ensuing chaos.

Thus begins an arduous journey as we follow each of them in their quest to reunite, in between bashing in the heads of their ex-loved ones.

It should have been a much more interesting study in having to kill a ballroom full of friends and relatives, but not much is explored there that hasn’t already been done in other films or The Walking Dead.

REC3: Genesis

Legs and chainsaw never looked so good

But then again, its a freaking zombie movie. Whoever takes the time to think about their moves, usually don’t move much later on. The film departs from its predecessors in using shaky cam shortly after title card, which i’m actually a little conflicted about. Its also much more comedic than REC 1 and 2.

REC3 is directed by Paco Plaza, one half of the duo who did the previous RECs, while REC4 (which is supposed to cap the series) will be directed by Jaume Balaguero, the other half.

I can’t wait to see what happens next.

Rating: 8/10 


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