The 10:10 conspiracy


What do these timepieces have in common?

Harry Winston


Patek Philippe

OK, other than the fact that i’ll never be able to afford any of them!

Did you notice, that they are all set to roughly 10:10?

Do you know why?

Don’t worry, its not a global conspiracy or a secret nod to some secret alien invasion scheduled to drop at 10:10. Its more of an aesthetic reason that watches in advertisements are set this way.

The brandnames are typically located just under the 12O’clock mark, so a 10:10 nicely frames the brand, and also provides a sort of smiley, or a tick, when you look at it. (a little not too subtle psychology at play there!)

10:10 also means that any sub-dials or dates (like in the Panerai above) would also not be blocked, and you can clearly see most of the features of the watch.

So there.

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