Human Centipede 3 becomes more of a joke



The Human Centipede

mmph mmph!

Some of you may find it appalling, but I really liked The Human Centipede. No doubt it was sick and twisted, but it lingered in the realm of something that real sick people may commit, hence the 100% medically accurate tagline.

It was deranged, and ended in a way that really made you think “OMFG what’s she (#2) gonna do?!” She was really stuck between a rock and a hard place.

Then The Human Centipede 2 took it more than a few steps further, aiming for a 12-person-pede. It aimed to be a little meta, showing the events happening in The Human Centipede to be a movie, with an allegory that real life is often more brutal, sick and unrelenting than fiction.

But it simply devolved into a let’s-cram-as-much-gore-and-violence-as-we-can film. It got so bad the film had to be in black and white to lessen the bloody factor.


Which is why I got really pissed off that Director Tom Six is planning a 500-person-pede for his finale.

Its just ridiculous now.

Would you be watching THC3?

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