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I am Barack Obama. Ask me anything.

I am Barack Obama. Ask me anything.

Often times, when celebrities or famous personalities get interviewed in the press or magazines or go on TV, the line of questioning may not be what you were thinking of.

They may be promoting a book or a movie, but you’re really interested in another facet of their life, which you may never get to know. But when they go onto a platform such as reddit, its basically an open forum where anyone with an account can log in and ask them anything, and have a very good possibility of getting an answer.

A lot of personalities have recently taken to reddit’s AMA (Ask Me Anything) section to conduct informal “interviews”, and I think the benefits are mutual.

We get to know a lot more about them, and they get to spread their beliefs and share their thoughts.

I’ve never really been a reddit user, but I think I’ll start lurking a lot more.

Here are some of the more interesting AMAs I’ll be reading:

Isn’t the internet wonderful?


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