Cecilia Sue’s roller coaster statements


Cecilia Sue

In the corruption case of the year, ex CNB chief Ng Boon Gay is charged on 4 counts of obtaining sexual gratification between June and December 2011. All 4 counts were for fellatio.

IT executive Cecilia Sue Siew Nang stepped up in court today to give her side of the story. It turned out to be full of inconsistencies with her earlier statements when the case first started, and also ran contradictory to SMSes retrieved that she’d allegedly sent to Ng Boon Gay.

In an 8.5 hr interrogation, she’d flipped her statements, initially saying she had a liking for him, but then turning around to say it was purely a business case.


Sultry Seductress or Totally Misunderstood Texts?

The contents of a few SMSes purported sent from Cecilia to Ng also surfaced in court and read out. The messages were:

“Do you DIY?”

“I could have three hours with you. We had fun.”

“M U”

“You ignore me how how how”

Do these smses tell a lurid tale of seduction for contracts? Or were they simply misunderstood? They could easily mean very different things NOT in a sexual context.

For instance, “Do you DIY” could be her asking Ng if he could fix plumbing by himself. Maybe she had a plumbing issue she needed help with? “I could have three hours with you. We had fun.” could simply have been referring to a casual meeting previously where Ng was entertaining her with his stand-up comic routine he was practicing as a career change plan?

“M U” (where we construe as “Miss U”) could mean an innocent “Mail U”, as in “I mailed you the contract. Please take a look”.

And lastly, “You ignore me how how how” could be tied back to the very first message of “Do you DIY”. Her sink may have burst, and she’s in a panicky state of mind.

A 5th Tryst?

Aside from the 4 counts of fellatio charge, early statements also revealed that she’d told CPIB officers that they’d had sex at an apartment in Great World City in 2009. However, in court today, she reneged on that fact, saying it was not true, and that the statement had been given under stress.

Seems like she is a highly unreliable witness, or she has stuff to hide, or maybe she’s just schizophrenic.

Either way, it makes for terribly entertaining news in boring SG.

Stay tuned for more as the hearing continues…



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