Cathay Pacific mile high masturbation, TW news style


With news like these, who needs entertainment? (Next Media Animation), is a Taipei based news site famous for using animation in its news reporting. Started in September 2009. NMA is part of Next Media Limited, a news conglomerate including the popular Apple Daily newspapers in Hong Kong and Taiwan.

NMA came into the global spotlight when they reported the Tiger Woods infidelity and Jetblue flight attendant incidents.

Since then, there’s been no turning back. Collectively, their youtube channel has garnered over 61,000,000 video views, and over 42,000 subscribers.

In fact, they are now so popular its even been spoofed in The Simpsons! Check out this hilarious clip below:

With 61,000,000 views to date, they MUST be doing something right! Will the next wave of news reporting come in animation style?



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