Behind every successful man is a supportive chair


Well? Don't just stand there...

One of the biggest buzz to come out of the Republican National Convention has got to be the stunt Clint Eastwood pulled. He spoke directly to a chair. That was empty.

Hard questions were asked, and understandably, the chair was cowered into silence.

So points for silencing a chair, unlike Ben Linus, who couldn’t handle his chair.


This quickly prompted the man himself, Barack Obama, to reassure the world that he is in complete control of HIS chair.

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Welcome to Singaaahhh oooh… right there..


So, a pair of Japanese pornstars posed as tourists to make a porno in Singapore. Part 2 in a potentially groundbreaking franchise (apparently part 1 in Cambodia), they proceed to explore some of our sights and landmarks of Singapore, before starting to erm… stress test the beds at Marina Bay Sands.

According to a news report in Insing, Aoki Misora (and the man) first helped themselves to some local delights like Chicken Rice (Maxwell market!) and Laksa. They also visited Chinatown, Boat Quay, rode on a tri-shaw and had a dip in the Infinity pool at MBS.

All in, I’d say they had a pretty good time!

Wonder if we’ll see an influx of Japanese tourists in Singapore next year.

What do you think of the idea of seeing major Singapore landmarks in a porno?

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