It pays to do your triple somersaults really well

Yang Hak Seon gold medallist

If I melt this, i can feed my family for 2 months!

Nobody’s heard of South Korean gymnast Yang Hak-Seon. Until he struck gold on monday, and took home South Korea’s first ever Olympic Gold in gymnastics.

He’d also been living in a makeshift structure made out of thin wooden boards and plastic sheeting in a small polytunnel in a rural province.

Well, since that story broke, several corporations have come forward to provide for Yang, so that he wouldn’t have to worry about finances and family, and can concentrate on his sport. (Which are really nice gestures). Among them are LG, who donated 500million won (USD444,000), Samla Group, a construction company who offered to build him a home, and Nongshim, an instant noodle manufacturer, who’s promised him a limitless supply of instant noodles (seriously, the dude’s now got USD444,000. You think his favourite food is still gonna be instant noodles? Okay… but still, a nice gesture).


Wait! Here’s an idea! Singapore, buy him lah! Afterall, you don’t only want to win in table-tennis, do you? Besides, we’ve already got the perfect place to house him!


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