That effing village

olympic condoms 2012

Let's make Olympics a friendly game... anyone can score!

The above image was tweeted by Caroline Buchanan, an Australian cyclist. We’ve known for a while that the Olympics is just an excuse for the world’s most beautifully athletic people to come together for a cross-cultural boink session.

Only we had no idea how much boinking was involved.

Mediacorp’s Today reported that Durex sponsored 150,000 condoms for the 10,800 athletes. For simplicity’s sake, let’s assume all the athletes are straight, and the ratio of male and female athletes are roughly 50:50.

That gives each male athlete 27 condoms to use over the duration of the Games, which run for 17 days.

Now who wants to watch a version of Olympic Big Brother?

picture source: Caroline Buchanan’s Twitter

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How to catch an Octupus in Japan


We all know that people of Japan are into some pretty weird shit.

And this culture of doing weird shit is apparently so permeable that it has invariably spread to its sea creatures as well. Look what needs to be done in Japan to catch an octopus.

how to catch an octopus

Original post from 9gag.

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Bane, after Batman.


All i wanted was to be someone's reckoning..

Apparently, Bane survived the blast from Selina Kyle, and was incarcerated. 7 years later, he was released for good behaviour. And is now trying to be a good Gothamite.

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