Doing it right vs Doing it right now


So, Feng Tian Wei won the women’s singles table tennis bronze medal yesterday in the 2012 London Summer Olympics for Singapore. For that, I congratulate her. But I don’t feel like we, as a nation, have anything to celebrate. Feng was brought to Singapore in 2007, and in Jan 2008, was made a Singapore Citizen (Just in time for Beijing 2008), and together with her fellow chinese imports Li Jiawei and Wang Yuegu, went on to claim the Silver medal in the 2008 women’s team event.

What our government was/is doing is as obvious as the match-throwing badminton players. They were systematically gaming the system in order to gain (almost) instant gratification.

If we can’t win it, we’ll fucking well buy it.

I just don’t think its right. I guess I can understand the temptation, and the rationale behind doing it (It sure feels great to be part of the medal winning elite in a global event such as the olympics), but ultimately, the victory will ring hollow.

Also, FTW (Feng Tianwei, incidentally, also, For The Win!) has been a “Singaporean” since 2008. Yet she can’t field a simple interview session after her win in english. Integrate leh.

We’re not asking a lot of you. Just speak english. Like the rest of us.

Not too loud please.


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