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So I’ve just finished watching 2 seasons of Game of Thrones.

I haven’t read the George R.R. Martin novels,  so I have zero idea of how the novels progress beyond what’s happened in the show. And I really love the show. I think the format of a 10 – 13 episode season for a heavily serialised drama like GoT really hits the jackpot in terms of pacing, tightening the plot such that filler episodes can be done away. (This was something that LOST got pretty tangled up in during their 2nd season, and the beginning of their 3rd season)

Season 1

In GoT season 1, we were teased in episode 1 about the existence of dragons a long time ago, their supposed extinction, and a gift of 3 petrified dragon eggs to Daenerys Targaryen at her wedding.

We got the pay-off in the season finale when the Khaleesi emerged the morning after from a smoldering pyre not only unharmed by the fire, but with a baby dragon on her shoulder (and another 2 by her side), magically hatched in the fire.

Truly, 3 dragons, 2 boobs and 1 really hot Mother of Dragons is a hell of a way to end the season.

Season 2

Season 2, they left us with no doubt what the real threat to Westeros really is. Its not the disparate groups of feudal lords fighting over who gets to be King.

Its the White Walkers.

A humanoid, supernatural species with the ability to re-animate the dead (read: zombies!) to fight for them, they are the real threat to Westeros.

Season 3 – Series Finale

Having not read the books, i’ll speculate that the later seasons will culminate in the White Walkers sweeping across the Wall and attacking King’s Landing, and all the different groups will band together to drive away the white walkers, with the help of Khaleesi’s full-grown dragons.

As the dragons will be monumental to the victory, the people will confer the Iron Throne to Khaleesi, with the condition she never goes anywhere without her dragons, and she never puts on any clothes, especially on the throne.

She gets to be Queen. They get to see boobies. And dragons.



Till we meet again in 2013, Moon of my Life.


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