Sin City – Las Vegas


Following Toronto, we flew 5 hours straight into Sin City, and boy was the place lit up. We arrived at our hotel near midnight, but things looked to be just getting started. People were walking around energetically like it was 11am in the morning.

The casinos were abuzz, the lobby was full of people, but we were just plain tired out from the flight. Surprisingly, my in-laws were feeling pretty good and actually managed to pull a game or two at the casino after checking in!

The hotel we stayed in was called The Flamingo, one of the strip’s first resort hotels. They have live flamingos roaming around their gardens in the day! How cool is that!?

flamingo hotel

Also peppered among the supercute flamingos is this really evil looking duck.

evil duck

i'm warning ya, don't duck with me man...

The rooms were also very nicely decorated and clean, so I’d definitely recommend it to anyone visiting Vegas and not willing to spend too much on accommodation. Its located right on the strip, and is a mere 8 minute walk to Caesar’s Palace.

And anyone visiting Vegas definitely needs to go check out Bellagio. So many films (Ocean’s 11, 21, The Hangover, Rush Hour 2) have featured the Bellagio fountain that we just have to see it with our own two eyes. But there’s another treasure we didn’t know of:

The Bellagio Garden.

Each year, the garden is revamped 5 times in relation to the 4 seasons, and Chinese New Year. Beautiful.

bellagio garden

We then roamed around the strip, and took different photos of Vegas, both by day and night. They look totally different, yet both are just so enchanting and endearing. Its really a city that’s alive 24 hours a day.

vegas by day

vegas by night

Other than Vegas, we also spent 2 days travelling out to see Hoover Dam and one of the world’s natural wonders, the Grand Canyon. It was so hot out at Hoover Dam that we had to order ice-cream to cool ourselves off. And it was the best ever!

hoover dam

Best Soft-serve Ever

black canyon

grand canyon

Oh, and who says babies can’t have fun in Vegas?



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