zombie eat face

Alright guys, its time to pack up your belongings, stock up on food items and bunker down somewhere where there are no glass windows, wooden doors or alternative entrances.

Because the zombie apocalypse has begun.

Miami police on Saturday shot and killed a man who was trying to chew off the face of another man. Both men were naked at the scene (Maybe they were trying to bring sexy back to the zombie genre). When the police arrived and told the attacker to back off, he ignored orders which left the officers with little choice but to open fire.

But even after getting shot, the attacker continued attacking the victim’s face, and the officers had to fire off a few more shots before he was dead. (I’m thinking that last would be a headshot). When paramedics arrived, the victim’s faced had been so badly chewed off he couldn’t be recognised and was having difficulty breathing.

The victim is now being treated at Jackson Memorial Hospital. If you’re there and able to walk, discharge yourself and get the fuck out of there!


News from CBS Miami.


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