You wouldn’t guess who may invent asteroid mining


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Think Mark Zuckerberg  coughing up a billion dollars to buy some photo filters is something to shout about?

What about filmmaker James-Titanic-Cameron teaming up with Googlers Larry Page and Eric Schmidt to form Planetary Resources, a company aimed at mining asteroids for minerals and water?

That’s either so badass its awesome, or it could just be the start of another alternate reality game to promote Alien5? Either way… wow.

Their vision is to be able to set up a space gas-station by 2020, so that space shuttles can re-fuel in space, enabling further exploration.

Gold and platinum mining are also priorities, but hey, since we’re on the topic of mining a never-before examined object, we may as well go for broke and hope to get some really new minerals that could perhaps yield stronger metals and parts!

2020… the future is indeed looking very, very interesting! And i’ll still (touch wood) be alive to witness it!

The Googlers join Elon Musk in the tech-kings-conquering-space career path, as Elon, one of the co-founders of Paypal, is now CEO of SpaceX, a manufacturer of space launch vehicles, and working with NASA.

So look out for a future Google, selling you search results, phones, self-driven cars, rare gold and ads from space.

PS: James Cameron acts as an advisor, and the Googlers are investors.

You can read more about it at pcmag.

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