Its frankly a little difficult to wrap my head around the idea that an advanced species that can fly many light years in their very obviously technologically advanced ships to Earth, with the intent of invasion, could lose to Earthly ammunition.

So movies like Independence Day and Battle: Los Angeles where the soldiers inherently find an alien weakness and in the chaos, manage to relay that message to every other country and subsequently defeat the aliens simply don’t get to me. Sure, the effects are great, and I understand the need to end on a triumphant note (you can’t name a film Independence Day, and then have all of humanity die on that day, right?), but how many levels of disbeliefs do we need to suspend to swallow that?

And that’s why Battleship is a more forgivable film, because the army they inevitably defeat was not an army, but more of a recce/scout team, sent to establish communications to call for the actual fleet (perhaps after ascertaining available resources or securing of an area).

In 2005, a signal was sent to an extrasolar planet (that means a planet outside of our solar system) that had conditions similar to Earth, which could possibly harbor life. In 2012, they came. Unfortunately for the aliens, they chose to land in the sea near Hawaii, where the 2012 RIMPAC was being held, right in the middle of a live naval exercise.

The alien ships have a tremendous array of weaponry, and the aliens in their suits are also way more advanced than us. However, because of possible instructions to only disable and destroy perceived threats, and the perseverance of humanity, we always win!


The film stars Liam Neeson, Taylor Kitsch, Alexander Skarsgård, Brooklyn Decker, Rihanna and Tadanobu Asano.

I feel like Taylor Kitsch is the new Sam Worthington. Pretty good looking, zero acting skills, and the luck of being cast in several relatively big budget movies.

But I think the biggest plot hole of the film was in casting Brooklyn Decker, and then not decking her in one of these.

Brooklyn Decker

This scene should be written into her contract for any film she’s in

It just doesn’t make any sense.

Overall its a fun movie with great effects, not too terrible acting and a more believable ending to how the aliens could be defeated. But I definitely wouldn’t be hearing the fat lady singing as yet. The aliens haven’t heard from the recce team, and they have super advanced weaponry. So they may be pissed, and there’s definitely more of them where they came from! (Time to open the sequel can!)

Rating: 6/10

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