The ridiculously photogenic guy

ridiculously photogenic guy

Photo: King_of_Games, Flickr

By now, i’m sure you’ve all heard of the ridiculously photogenic guy. Yeap, the dude who conquers the 10k run with a winning smile. But do you guys know his name?

He is Zeddie Little. Apparently, Zeddie has been trying to break into the PR industry. Guess that’s not much of an issue now.

And ladies, he’s been happily attached for 5 years now. So hands off that wind-blown hair!

If you don’t know him, here’s the backstory: He was in the middle of a 10k run, when an amateur photog took this shot of him. It was posted on to Flickr, and one of the photographer’s friend commented something along the lines of “I dub him the ‘ridiculously photogenic guy'”. 

It got posted onto reddit, and a new meme is born.

Here are some of the memes floating around:

Ridiculously Photogenic Guy - Disney

Ridiculously Photogenic Guy - Town

Ridiculously Photogenic Guy - wins heart

Ridiculously Photogenic Guy - tourists


And my personal favourite….

Ridiculously Photogenic Guy - no wind


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