Obama 2012 ad spend


Seems like election years are proving to be awesome business for publishers and ad networks, judging from the amount of money the Obama camp are pumping into digital ads.

Its no secret that a large part of the 2008 election win for Obama was down to their scale of digital and social media integration, allowing for bulk of the younger generation to be passionately involved in a call to change the world. The Obama camp spent $16 million on digital during the 2008 campaign trail, and if the numbers on Clickz are to be trusted, they seem to be cruising to the $35 million mark this year.


Compare that number with John McCain’s 2008 campaign, which spent about $3.6 million online.

I’ll bet Google, Yahoo and the other major players are smacking their lips in anticipation to the run-up of the elections.

Here’s a breakdown of the spends in 2008:


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