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The digital world is full of copycats. And not all of them originate from China.

First it was Groupon spurring a stir of copycats, some of whom eventually hit paydirt by being acquired by the very company they were copying from. And now with Pinterest, it has become the next big thing to be copied. Even though its currently unprofitable and the revenue model is not very clear at the moment, copysites have nontheless emerged and are waiting to capitalize on it when the time comes.

This latest Singapore clone of Pinterest is created by Colin Boyd, and like Pinterest, he doesn’t seem to know where to take Singterest either. His initial “version of Pinterest” will be centred around Asia, but then later changed his mind and it will now be a Pinterest for Singapore only. All this change in the space of.. erm, 1 day.

Also, oddly, this tweet about, of all things, stealing.

And when you see this tweet… it just doesn’t make any sense. I wonder if this twitter account was actually handled by a certified schizo.

Erm.... OKAY....

Well, I’m not one to judge… besides, I need to get cracking on my own business venture. Its an image board site i’m going to call vinteresting. Its going to be awesome!

And speaking of awesome, did I tell you about my new plan for a mobile gaming app? Its gonna be called… Draw Singthing! A Draw Something for Singaporeans! Mmmm… I can smell the acquisition offers pouring in already.

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