Man on a ledge


The more I think about Man on a ledge, the bigger the plotholes become, such that now the plothole is so big its technically wrong to even call it a hole.

That said, the idea of planting a jumper on the Roosevelt hotel to provide distraction for a heist happening in the opposite building is an interesting one. Sam Worthington is Nick Cassidy, a former cop accused of stealing a $40 million diamond Businessman David Englander. Nick maintains his innocence even while incarcerated, and breaks out of prison to steal the diamond for real this time, thereby proving his innocence that time.

Don't worry, I just needed some fresh air

His brother Joey (played by Jamie Bell) and Joey’s girlfriend Angie joins him on this quest, and they break into Englander’s office and vault while Nick provides the necessary distractions, fights off negotiators and guides them through the highly secure vault.

Ironically, a lot of the plan sort of hinges on their master plan failing before a spontaneous back-up plan is hatched to move the plot along.

And even if they succeeded in stealing it again and showing it to the public, wouldn’t all Englander need to do is to claim that they reverse-heisted it to plant it back in his vault?


Rating: 5/10

Also, there always seems to be some rule where if any hot chick plans to do a heist, they always, always put on figure hugging outfits and matching undies. Not that i’m complaining…

If i can't steal that diamond, at least i'll look good for the papparazzi, si?

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