Why I left blah blah blah


Recently, there’s been a trend of people quitting their jobs, and then turning around to write about it like an unhinged, jilted lover.

Greg Smith wrote a stinger on why he left Goldman Sachs, because its all about the money now. Really? I’ve never, ever known anyone personally who went into the banking and finance sector to achieve nirvana and really help people make wise choices about their financial future.

Everyone in the financial sector are in it for the money, and if it took you 12 years to realise that… well, all the best in your future endeavors!


Then there’s an ex Microsoft employee James Whittaker who joined Google, then quit Google after 3 years, because now Google is all about making revenue via advertising, and have lost their spirit of innovation. (FYI, Google has been about that since day 1. So is Yahoo, Naver, Baidu and all other major search engines including oh, Bing.)

And after the tirade of lack of innovation, guess where he ends up? Right back at Microsoft, the place where innovation goes to die. Haha!

Urgh! Killing people just isn't the same now!

And lastly, possibly the greatest villain of all time is hanging up his light sabre, and quitting The Empire.


Maybe I should write a tell-all on why I left CIMB, the bank with no annual fees and up to 1% rebate off all foreign purchases. Maybe. Some day.


Image Source: Adam Hilton

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