This Means War


This spy movie probably has the worst villain ever, but that was never the point, was it?

This Means War (original working title of Spy vs Spy) pits the almost limitless resources two spies possess in order to outdo each other and win a girl’s heart. To be more specific. Reese Witherspoon’s heart. Yeah, spies have weird taste. Or they really don’t have the time to get out much.

Chris Pine and Tom Hardy play the two CIA agents, who happen to fall for the same girl unknowingly. As they plant surveillance devices and use other methods to keep tabs on each other and play up to Witherspoon’s likes, this “mission” threatens to unhinge their solid friendship.

Even though we guys often like to say “bros before hoes”, we know just how true that really is, or isn’t.

So there, an average action comedy good enough to while away an idle saturday afternoon.

Oh, and in there somewhere you’ll also find the barest plot about an international criminal planning revenge against the two of them for killing his brother in an earlier mission gone wrong.

Rating: 5/10

By the way, Have you met Reese without a spoon? LOL

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