Dead man walking


Another example of how advertising is better than the actual product.

In this activation idea to promote Season 2 of The Walking Dead, a theatre full of unsuspecting audience thinks they are watching the trailer for a new rom-com, when a zombie comes lumbering by.


Awesome marketing.

Can’t say the same for the series.

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DBS emails ATM card


Does this mean they’ve just launched a new product, an eTM card?


I don’t know if this is a leap in email technology or card technology.¬†Either way, welcome to the future of banking. Now all we need is to buy a plastic sheet and a plastics printer.¬†An earlier post of this picture on my facebook seems to be getting its fair share of shares after TOC caught wind of it.

Anyway, this would seem to be a typo error on the part of Yahoo, as it has currently been corrected.

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Brainwash marketing


When all the key marketing and product people speak the same language, you inevitably get swept away by all the buzzwords surrounding that particular product.

And when spoken enough times, we all go away, sold.

So say it with me now. The iPad is amazing-incredible-simple-beautiful-great.

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