Safe House


Let’s face it, every year, we’ll have a handful of really great movies, some awful movies, and the rest just sort of falls nicely in the middle of not bad, but not great ones. Safe House ranks as one of those mid-tier films you’ll enjoy while in the cinema, but won’t remember much of after stepping out.

The only things elevating this from average to slightly above average are the 2 leads, Denzel Washington and Ryan Reynolds.

if i'm going to play the same role every movie, i'll at least change my hair

Reynolds stars as rookie agent Matt Weston, a “housekeeper” in charge of maintaining a safehouse in Cape Town. He’d been leading a rather uneventful year, up until the moment Tobin Frost (Denzel Washington) shows up. Frost, an ex CIA agent turned rogue, was suspected to possess, and trying to profit from, a list of illegal activities of several high ranking officials across different agencies.

So naturally, the bad bigwigs at the top (no prizes for guessing who) send in the foot soldiers to get hold of Frost before the info gets out in the open. So its up to the unlikely pair of rookie upright agent and weathered not evil but not that good ex agent to keep themselves alive.

Overused and predictable plot, but decent action and acting. So there. Not bad, not great.

Rating: 6/10


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