The tree with clothes


I realise that when you don’t have work weighing heavy on your mind. Your whole demeanor relaxes. You find yourself having more time. Waking up earlier than when you had work, even. Birds chirp sweeter tunes, the morning coffee smells better, and you’re more inquisitive about your surroundings.

And so its with that attitude that I went about searching for lunch in the neighbourhood, and I start taking in the scenery, and look up at the dazzling sky and that magnificent tree with the levis jeans and wait, what??

Yup, there it was. Wind-strewn clothing swaying in the branches,  leering at me, as if challenging me to claim it for myself.

Undaunted and with unblinking eyes, I took out my new Samsung Galaxy Note, and snapped a photo for all to share.

Here’s a close-up

Happy Leap Year, everyone!

How to pronounce L’OCCITANevermind



Do you read a lot? In your daily readings, do you come across words that you have no idea how to pronounce? Do you look like this when you come across those words?

Fear not.

PronounciationManual is here to help.

Now you can pronounce #likeaboss.



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Dead man walking


Another example of how advertising is better than the actual product.

In this activation idea to promote Season 2 of The Walking Dead, a theatre full of unsuspecting audience thinks they are watching the trailer for a new rom-com, when a zombie comes lumbering by.


Awesome marketing.

Can’t say the same for the series.

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DBS emails ATM card


Does this mean they’ve just launched a new product, an eTM card?


I don’t know if this is a leap in email technology or card technology. Either way, welcome to the future of banking. Now all we need is to buy a plastic sheet and a plastics printer. An earlier post of this picture on my facebook seems to be getting its fair share of shares after TOC caught wind of it.

Anyway, this would seem to be a typo error on the part of Yahoo, as it has currently been corrected.

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Brainwash marketing


When all the key marketing and product people speak the same language, you inevitably get swept away by all the buzzwords surrounding that particular product.

And when spoken enough times, we all go away, sold.

So say it with me now. The iPad is amazing-incredible-simple-beautiful-great.

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Safe House


Let’s face it, every year, we’ll have a handful of really great movies, some awful movies, and the rest just sort of falls nicely in the middle of not bad, but not great ones. Safe House ranks as one of those mid-tier films you’ll enjoy while in the cinema, but won’t remember much of after stepping out.

The only things elevating this from average to slightly above average are the 2 leads, Denzel Washington and Ryan Reynolds.

if i'm going to play the same role every movie, i'll at least change my hair

Reynolds stars as rookie agent Matt Weston, a “housekeeper” in charge of maintaining a safehouse in Cape Town. He’d been leading a rather uneventful year, up until the moment Tobin Frost (Denzel Washington) shows up. Frost, an ex CIA agent turned rogue, was suspected to possess, and trying to profit from, a list of illegal activities of several high ranking officials across different agencies.

So naturally, the bad bigwigs at the top (no prizes for guessing who) send in the foot soldiers to get hold of Frost before the info gets out in the open. So its up to the unlikely pair of rookie upright agent and weathered not evil but not that good ex agent to keep themselves alive.

Overused and predictable plot, but decent action and acting. So there. Not bad, not great.

Rating: 6/10


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Its impossible to hate on cats, even if they sometimes interrupt our favourite football matches.

Happy Friday!


Even sharks eat shark’s fin…


… well, together with the rest of the body, but still!

Pass the vinegar please?

Here’s the first ever photo of a shark in the process of eating another shark. Guys, don’t you know you’re an endangered species?

So, to anyone berating us for eating those delicious fins. If we don’t eat them, they do.

source: io9


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