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The future of everything seems to start from your mobile. There used to be a time when people used mobile phones to make calls. These days, calling seems to be the last thing we use our mobile for.

We text, watch videos, listen to songs, read the news, read our books, play games, do our shopping and even bank on our phones. I don’t even think we can legitimately call it a phone anymore.

Its a device. Everything we do starts with a swipe to unlock.

One unlucky victim of this mobilification (not a real word) is the book retailer. With so many distractions tucked in our pocket, who has the time to flip an actual book anymore? Plus, with ebooks, the future is paved for animations and deeper interaction with the stories.

This is where the next wave of authors will rise. No longer will the written word be enough. There will be images, videos and sound involved.

How else can our ADD-infused young be satiated?

Unfortunately, not everything can be slid to unlock. Like a woman’s.. erm… mind.

Taking off a woman's top... pretty sure there's an app for that



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