[Trailerwatch] Re5ident Evil: Retribution


all the zombies died of excessive blood loss

Yeah, the zombie hunt continues, and Milla Jovovich continues to wear impossibly tight clothes and kill scores of zombies while looking totally hot. Which of course, i’m not complaining.

I enjoyed the first and fourth film in the series, coincidentally both of which were directed by  Paul W.S Anderson, so i’m pretty hopeful of the fifth film. And if this cute advertrailer and the synopsis is indicative of things to come, it seems we’ll actually have a decent plot written into this film, 5 movies later.

Given that the trailer shows people who’ve died in the first film, it would seem to suggest we’ll be seeing either some time travel elements or maybe an alternate timeline thing. Either way, can’t wait to see it.

Are you a resident evil fan?

Enjoy the trailer.

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